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Is the Free Website Hosting Good or Bad?

You always require a reliable and good web host provider whether you are launching the first e-commerce website or producing an informational website. In order to find out a good web hosting provider people usually search on Bing, Yahoo or Google etc and come across many paid and free websites. Most of them look out for difference, only some will get the result before being late. Both paid and free website hosting have their pros and cons. So in order to decide which one suits your website and meets your requirements, it is necessary to know the differences between them.

However, cost is the most common difference between paid and free hosting. That is the reason why many people try for the free hosting. If your budget is limited and you wish to invest money on your website then it is best to go for free website hosting. Then, after some time you can choose the paid hosting as offers some additional features such as: email accounts, enhanced functionality and content management and site builders. These additional features help you to save money and time with time.

Both paid and free hosting have their boundaries, however, you can upgrade your website in the paid web hosting once its demand increases. In free hosting you get limited support, disk space and file size. Once you get these choices, you then have some options to select from. If you are planning to have a file sharing, social or an e-commerce website then free website hosting is not preferred. The reason behind is these kind of websites need more support and disk space which only the paid hosts offer. Even if you try this with the free hosting then lastly you have to search for the paid one so as to keep the website running. But if you want to create a personal, informational and blog site then you may follow the free hosting as it requires very less support and disk space.

Other distinct features between paid and free web hosting include more control over your content and the website in paid hosting. You can know about the free hosting as many of their providers put advertisements on your website in return of their free website hosting. As they are not taking any money for the services they offer so advertisements of services and products is the only means to make their money. In free website hosting you are never offered a unique domain name. Generally the domain name is such that it has their website’s name followed by your website’s name. Hence, this seems to be unprofessional for the people visiting your site from the internet community. But in paid hosting you are free to have full control on your website and you can have a unique domain name along with the content and putting up of advertisements.

Hence, the selection of any of the hosting depends on the kind of website you wish to create and for how long you wish to continue it. Many webmasters would suggest you to choose paid hosting as it is better in long run and has good flexibility and more options. Whatever may be your choice but make sure to study about the hosting companies and plans before taking the final step.

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